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Kuwait court sentences couple to death for Filipina freezer murder

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Killing prompts return of Philippines workers from Kuwait

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As a Filipino working overseas, I’m sure you have encountered the hassle of obtaining an Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC), which serves as your proof or license that you are working legally in your respective country. Reaction: Overseas Filipino.

REACTION PAPER “HOW DO FILIPINOS DEFINE AND EXPERIENCE HAPPINESS” In the article of Dr. Ruben Encarnacion on “How do Filipinos define and experience happiness,” it constituted of five factors such as meeting expectations, transcending family interests, family stability and sustenance, social comfort and secure future.

Is it really true that a person who is holding a visit visa departing from philippines requires to get an affidavit of support from sponsor and notarized.

The government is cutting import taxes on low-value goods to soften the impact for New Zealand consumers who start paying GST on all overseas purchases next year. Much of the reaction to the Republican presidential candidate’s call has been critical. The latest entertainment news from The Virginian-Pilot, including music, dance, theater, movies and the arts.

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