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Stata: Data Analysis and Statistical Software

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Jan 10,  · We have made some improvements to putexcel in Stataso you will want to update your copy of Stata to run the examples below. You may recall that Kevin Crow has written two blog posts about putexcel titled Export tables to Excel and Retaining an Excel cell’s format when using putexcel.

Assignment 5 - Cell2Cell Devon Gould, Eduardo Citwar, Vanessa Renteria, Malik Stevenson, Shubh Agarwal 1.

Briefly describe your predictive churn model. How did you select variables to be included in the model?

The predictive churn model uses ‘churndep’ as the dependent variable and the variables below as the independent. This allowed us to analyse the effect of the various variables on the churn %(9).

Assignment 5 Cell2Cell - Assignment 5 Cell2Cell Devon Gould...

November 22 17 Case Analysis: “Cell2Cell: The Churn Game” Cell2Cell Churn November 22 18 When Customer Analytics, CRM, and Databases Fail December 6 19 Case Analysis: “Capital One: Information-Based Credit Card Design” Capital One Testing December 6 20 Wrap-Up Lab Session Dates I will be holding Lab Sessions online every week.

There are three ways to put frequencies in a new variable: tabulate oneway or tabulate twoway will save counts as a matrix. svmat can be used to create variables from the matrix.

Use the collapse command. You may have to merge the resulting variables back with the .

Cell2cell stata
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